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Delivering solutions that can help you clean better for less.

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Do your cleaners simply pour expensive chemicals down the drain? or Spend hours cleaning windows and floors etc, without getting perfect results?

If so, you need the ‘BOS Cleaning System’


The 'BOS Cleaning System' saves you money.

If you are a School, Restaurant, Motel complex, Church, Service Station or other business or facility that employs its own cleaners or are looking to move into a self clean system, then you need to speak to us. We can put in place a system that will make it easy and also look after your budget and save you money. We call this the BOS cleaning system. Call us today and one of our representatives will come to you and do a free audit on your premises. We can advise on how our cleaning system will work for you and save you time and money.  This is completely obligation free.